Mia Khalifa Vs. Caitlyn Jenner: Adult Video Star Blasted For ‘Transphobic’ Instagram ‘Joke’


Mia Khalifa, the 21-year-old Lebanese-American adult video performer, is no stranger to controversy. She first attracted worldwide notice by performing explicit scenes in an online video while wearing hijab, the traditional Muslim head scarf. The seemingly disrespectful use of the religious garment caused an uproar for obvious reasons — only made worse by the fact that Khalifa herself is not a Muslim at all, but a Lebanese Christian.

But earlier this month, Khalifa courted a controversy of a different kind when she posted a meme, intended as a joke, to her well-trafficked Instagram account which appeared to poke fun at Caitlyn Jenner — the 1976 Olympic decathlon gold medalist then named Bruce Jenner who recently announced his transition to womanhood, revealing her new identity as Caitlyn with a high-gloss cover photo for Vanity Fair magazine.

The instantly iconic photo of the 65-year-old Jenner was taken by famed celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz, 66.

But Mia Khalifa — who recently became the most-searched adult video star on the internet, thanks largely to her unrelenting publicity ploys as well as her use of the hijab in an explicit video — posted a meme, which she apparently found elsewhere on the internet and reposted to her own Instagram account for the enjoyment of her 1.6 million followers.

Along with the Vanity Fair Caitlyn Jenner photo, the meme — viewable at this link — included the comment, “My N**** Bruce went from paying $20 to get in the club to free before 11.30.”

That joke, while perhaps distasteful, could be considered relatively harmless save for the inclusion of a racial epithet, Khalifa then added a comment of her own on her Instagram page.

“Beware of Decepticons, gentlemen!” Khalifa wrote.

The comment was immediately condemned as transphobic by many of the commenters on the adult video star’s Instagram account, some of whom seemed to cross a line of taste themselves in their attempt to set the sex worker straight.

“Says a f******* w**** who doesn’t have anything better to offer than her disgusting a** p**** and being filmed while getting f*****. YOU don’t know what a GENTLEMAN is because I’m pretty sure one has never been around you, nasty transphobic c***,” wrote one.

“But your boobs are as fake as his…,” commented another.

On the other hand, Mia Khalifa’s Caitlyn Jenner post also received almost 28,000 likes on her Instagram.

In an earlier publicity stunt, Mia Khalifa — who proclaims herself a fan of college football’s Florida State Seminoles — attempted to recruit a top high school prospect, 17-year-old Iman Marshall, to FSU by offering to post “recruitment videos” on her personal site. But Marshall chose to attend the University of Southern California anyway.